mr. Milos Dunovic mr. sci.

mr.sci Miloš Dunović , architect (graduate engineer of architecture)

Milos Dunovic I was born in 1953 in Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I finished architectural - engineering high school in Banjaluka in 1971. I was studying and graduated at faculty of Arhitecture town – planning in Sarajevo in time between 1972 – 1976, in class by professor J. Finci. I won a master degree at European Center of Peace and Development, University of Peace, UN, in Zagreb.

I worked on design, control and execution objects and I have mote than 200 000m2 designed and realized objects, from warehouse and industrial operation till hotels. In time between 1977 – 1980 I worked as independent and responsibile designer in a firm called „Soko – engineering“ in Mostar.1)

I worked more then ten years as technical director, director of development and informatics and as company director in Split at the work of controling, maintenances and adaptations flats (ex JNA).2)

In the time between 1991 – 2000 I had a private company called „D&M DESIGN“ in own property. It was occupied by designed and consulting business, graphic design, DTP and the other intelectual services.

In 1998 I co-operate with Institute Garuda from Denmark, which has been occupied training, instructions and human recurces.

I'm authorized assessor immovableses for Immigration services New Zeland, for which I executed 100 assessments of property of our emigrants.

Today, I'm also occupied by architectual design, painting, independent and collective exibition,3) graphic design; over 300 realisation of Corporate design,4) than arrangements and designs for books, publications, posters and the other printed material and I make unique wood furniture and I also fit out interiors.

In time when I was on my postgraduate I worked as member of working team on a few projects of development and improvement of sanitary on firms, training of working team and training of management.

In a business I use computer and I am aware of almost all informatic programs for the text elaboration and data base than programs for design and for elaboration technical documentation, than programs for graphic design, preparation and digital print. From year 2000 I 'm in disability pension.

Passivley I speak English, Russian and Polish.

Today, I live and work in Split.

Contacts and information on:
Mobil: 091/79 16 311 or e-mail:

1) Town hotel in Poland, Warsaw, Gdina, Vroclav, 1977; Factory of hermetically compressor, 1978, Feal Factory Široki brijeg, 1977, Aman hotel in Jordan, 1978, Department store „Duvanjka“ in Tomislavgrad, 1979, Department store Marija Bistrica, 1979, HVP factory in Čapljina, 1977 and about 50 objects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and foregin countries.
2) In time between 1981 – 1991 I work as technical director, director of development and informatics and finally as a main director of military company for direction and maintenance flats on the Adriatic.
3) Indipendent exibition of painting and graphic: Banjaluka 1973, 1987, Split 1982, 1986, 1987, Dubrovnik 1998 and lots of group exibithion in Split, Beograd, zagreb , Trakošćan...
4) Corporate design for the: POS Split, SMS Split, Sun-shop in Split, Airport in Split, armour Town Solin, Reprint in Split, WTC Split, fair of softwear in Split, SOFT-COM Split, fair of flowers in Split, fair of cars in Split, Granding Split and about 100 solution from range of graphic design



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